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Lenders, let’s get your client qualified.

Qualifying for the Knock Home Swap™ is a breeze! Simply provide details about your client's property, and we'll work together to see if the Home Swap is right for your client.

Enter the property address that your client is planning to sell

A Partnership You Can Trust

At Knock, we believe in collaboration over competition. When you send potential applicants for Home Swap, we assure you that we won't solicit for the purchase mortgage. Our goal is to provide our mutual clients the ability to buy their new home before they sell their old one.

"Being able to use their equity before they sold their home"

"My clients found the perfect home before they listed their house, so they used the Knock Home Swap to win a multiple offer situation because they were able to buy their new home before...

Lacey S., Loan Officer in CA

"I would highly recommend them [Knock]."

"When local banks and credit unions were uninterested in providing a bridge loan, we turned to Knock. They [Knock] were very easy to work with and responded quickly to all communication."

Richard N. Saint Augustine, FL